Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Who Else Could It Be Than My Hafifi Kurniawan?

                                                               I'm Sorry,He is mine :)

                  This is how he cheers me through blackberry messenger.Hahaha Oreo Monster

                                                   A day before my flight to KL :(
                                                             Comic Shop Pavillion

                                                                      Bukit Bintang

                                                                     BB street

                                                          First picture taken by him

                                                      Taken by bebek at Tanjung Aru

                               You are my missing puzzle piece and I've found you

So where should I start about this crazy love story ? I already found my missing puzzle piece,It's him.Hafifi Kurniawan Bin Marjuki.He's 6 years older than me,I don't care cause that's normal for me.It's better to be in love with a matured person so that i can speed up my mature process since I'm still a kiddo.How I met him ? From facebook lah ... :) I'm the one who added him first. I saw his facebook from Yana's fb.(Macam menarik kan so add jak lah,hehe).Then he approved me.I thank him through the chatbox.I said "Hye,thanks for the approve".And he said "welcome,lawa dressing kau".hahahahaha nonsense! Then we keep in touch.. until I got his number from one of my friend.I was so bored then I text him.Bukan mengurat ah.At that time,my status was single.I broke up with my dead stinkin stupid ex boyfriend a week before I found Ayie.I was totally flying with freedom,no crazy man who always keep nagging on me everyday.I dont know why...we always texting and chating.Dari sms,chating,jadi turunnya ke hati.Then,we made a call at midnight.It was FIVE HOURS conversation with him.He proposed me to be his girl friend after 6months being a single guy.And I said,YES I DO.The thing that touched my heart was when he asked me this : "Kau terima aku seadanya?Sebab aku tiada apa-apa and latar belakang keluarga aku bukannya orang senang".Wewww I didn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth,I'm not a rich girl too..So that's not a big deal for me.It's easy,love me sincerely then I wont leave you behind.We officially be a couple on 27th February 2011.But we didn't make any relationship status at the facebook.Malas lah mau kecoh dulu kan.Like I said,,my love story is crazy.We never met before and directly be a couple.Masa tu aku di KL..4months couple baru kami berjumpa di KK.What a craaaazy love.There's lotsa things he taught me.Not to smoke,not to post any harsh words at facebook and stuff. As you can see,so much improvements jugak kan.hehe.So hubby,I just love you the way you are.I miss you wabbit !


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