Tuesday, 2 August 2011

I Always Love My Family

There you go,This is my beloved family.That's my Super Fierce father(he's a loving father actually),and my mom..eldest sister wearing black shirt,second sister wearing blue shirt right after my mom's left and the sister which was born before me at the top.Got two boys in my siblings but both of them isn't at the picture.Will upload their pictures later.So,talking about my family ..yes I do love them so much but I'm always not in the right  way on how to show them how much I love them.By uploading this picture,typing some love words towards them would be enough to make them know huh?No I guess,haha.Well my father is half blood Chinese.My face is more to him.Mom is Brunei half blood Suluk.I didn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth,just EXTRA ordinary lifestyle.Father retired yearssss ago when I was in primary six.He's now around 60++ but still looks tough right guys ?Mom just a full time housewife,she's my angel my everything.Her unfailing love without limit,always be able to soothe my every hurt,unselfishly every hour every day is just can't be explained by words.Too precious.GOD,don't take them from me .. I LOVE YOU ALL , you guys are my shoulders to cry on,my bed to lay on,MY EVERYTHING.


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