Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Nurliyana Roslan,My True Friend

      When you read this,I want you to no no I want a bigger smile,yes.. like that !Show me your wabbit teeth, hehe.Okay let's talk about this stunning little girl.Stylo isn't she ? Yes she is and I'm proud to be her friend.Such a loyal understanding best friend.We've being friends for almost 5 years.She's the one yang pandai kol aku and tanya khabar aku.

     So when my mom moved my school to Sabah,She's the person that I hate the most in class. You know why ? cause she's too nerd,pakai tudung lipat sampai atas and pakai spek yang sangat nerdy punya style.Dia pengawas masa kami form one,pintar lah dalam kelas.So sometimes bila dia pandang aku,ada ja yang x kena.Mesti cari kesalahan !! Kalau time dia menjawab soalan cikgu di kelas,aku dengan geng lain start buat muka and tutup telinga. :p

    Biasa lah kan budak-budak sekolah.. easy to get influenced by peers.She got influenced by us.Examples escape from school,after school stay dulu baru balik.And tudung dia pun pandai berubah sudah , sudah tidak nerd lagi.Yana , I miss you so much , sometimes it's hard for me to hangout without you here.Kalauuu lah kau boleh datang kl sekarang kan.

    Mostly she never say NO untuk setiap permintaan aku , kebanyakannya selalu YES.I did cry with her,laugh with her,sleep with her, and only this girl yang pernah menangis just because my mom sakit.I know you're quite busy with your assignments and stuff.Thanks for your help hari tu.Just because mau masuk UITM sama-sama dengan aku.Maybe rezeki aku belum sampai kan :'(

A good friend will be there for you when you cry, But a best friend will have a wet shoulder because of it.Friends are angels who help us to soar when our wings have forgotten how to fly.
Of all the door’s I have gone through in life, none was more inviting, welcoming and heartfilled than the one that led me to you.

                      Do you still remember this ? Time kita x dapat masuk rumah :p
                                            and kau tahan sakit perut mau beria ! haha



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