Monday, 22 August 2011

The Beginning Of Life

     Seems like this is the real first step in my life.I'm a bit nervous.I'm wondering whether I can appreciate this precious gift from god.This is P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S ... Right now,I'm so happy :) no words can describe this beautiful feelings.I believe that in a month of Ramadhan,every prayers will be blessed by god.And prayers of my parents have been heard by the Al-Mighty.Alhamdulillah,I am so happy to tell yeah guys that I am accepted and officially a student of UiTM.I succeed to be accepted in UiTM for second intake.

    I always get what I want.If I didn't get something that I want,sooner or later I am sure I'll own it.Almost everything ! Course that I've selected is Diploma In Public Admin.Since UiTM in Sabah didn't have any faculty of law,I prefer for public admin as my foundation to proceed my further study on law course(for degree).This is the only way for me to achieve my ambition.

    It was 10:30 , As I arrived home,I was on the rush to the toilet.Felt so relieved after urination.hahaha.And I sat on this chair.Switched on the laptop.When I was facebooking...chating and stuff..suddenly I got a call from Yana.She screamed out loud ! She said " Azreena ko dapat masuk UiTM kk .. aku sudah check tadi , ko pergi lah check kalau x percaya ". I was like oh my god, thank god I am accepted.This is my big dream ! Long time of waiting finally ended dude ! To be sure,I've checked the UiTM's website to satisfy myself.And yes I AM ACCEPTED.

                                                  Hell jyeah this is it ! That's ma name :D

  Thanks to my mom .. she always keep on praying for me , thanks to my best friend Yana, Without you I won't be accepted  there . And for my sisters , some of them keep nagging at me everyday when I was still in high school, now I can see why y'all mad at me.This is the best result of our life IF we do study hard without the tedium.Now I can see my mom a bit calm.She hugged me , she kissed my cheeks side to side, though I just got 4A's for my SPM,It's worth enough to qualify me to the ivory tower :) Ini lah rezeki bulan ramadhan .. alhamdulillah ...

                                                    Next stories will be updated soon.Bye


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