Wednesday, 3 August 2011

And I Adore This Girl : Ririn Dwi Ariyanti -Talitha-


                                       Don't you know how much I adore you ?

Okay guys.I adore this actor so much.She's cute and talented.You know,she still looks cute when crying.And and and,she's super skinny like me(whisper).Just look at those smile , doesn't it look so perfect ? Have you ever seen this Indonesian drama titled CAHAYA?Full of crisis,tears,happiness and so on.I would rather skip my study time just to watch her acting :) Oh I wish I could be there at Jakarta and shake her hand.Somebody please I'm begging you , suggest me any movies or dramas which has this little shawty acting on.Her name on Cahaya's drama was TALITHA.A name that suites her cheeky style.One day , I will named my daughter with that name.Lol


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