Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dreams and a wish

         Have you ever had a moment when you're sitting  alone in a comfort and quite place , you laying down daydreaming and wish that a miracle will make it come true one day .. well I did.When I was a kid,I was too much affected by looney tunes cartoons,Disney Channels,Princess stories and stuff..So when my teachers asked me "Azreena , can you tell me what's your dreams or your ambition?". Well I'll answer them " I wanna be a beautiful mermaid,or a lovely fairy or..a princess where all the citizens of the country love me like I am their one and only heart"Cause that what I did everyday,having a daydreaming  to be exactly like what I've seen on the Tv screen.Teachers just laughed at me cause they know I was just a kid..Maybe by uploading some related pictures about my dreams, It will make you know what is the feeling to be a mermaid,princess or a beautiful fairy :P

                                                               One of my dreams

                                                                 Ouch Its too sexy

               When I was growing up,the situation is much changed.I see my sisters get married,have children,get wealth and happiness.I consider them as an experiment in my life.They impressed me.But it all started from an attempt.The days I'm more mature,wishful fantasy were also changed.I dreamed to become a lawyer.Outfit as lawyer shows respected characters and I really adore it.I tried as maximum as I can to get a decent result , to bring up to standard myself taking the law course.Alhamdulillah,my SPM result satisfactory.And currently I'm waiting for the second intake of UiTM.I hope there's a little space left for myself there...Hmm..

       The next dreams are to live happily without enemies,fights,suspicion,envy and gossip.Everything should be about an immortal love between us.Since I have problems with some friends,I am very depressed.I wondered where the wrong.I can't function the same when you aren't my friend anymore.Sometimes friends do not listen to us wholeheartedly.They just keep on talking about your badness instead of knowing you well ..Sometimes I dream to live forever with my families cause they are the most understanding people that we have.Especially the one that we called MOM.I hope some broken links can be repaired again.How beautiful life if we are friends and family until the end of life..I also hope to get a spouse who love me as the way I am , care about me , lead me to the right way and changed me to the best.I put a high expectations on my own self to get a shining bright future.Have you ever dreamed of being a mother?Children and husband always there to heal the sadness.You treat your children like your mom treated you with an incomparable love.I would also like to feel the luxury and convenience which is owned by successful woman.

   I choose to live happily.I choose to love each other alive.I choose to stay at luxurious home.I choose to have a loving husband.I choose to make my mother smile when it comes to my convocations day.I choose to be a successful women.I prefer to be in the right places.I choose to achieve my ambition.I choose to be subsidiary of the best.I choose to take care of my mother when she is ill.I choose to give sufficient comfort to my mother.I prefer to make my father proud of my success.I choose to be a mother who can educate my children.I hope for a happy marriage.I CHOOSE TO MAKE  ALL  MY DREAMS COME TRUE...

   We don't know who will be our husband.We don't know who's our future children.We don't know how long we will alive here on earth.We don't know what is our future constant job.We  don't know what is yet to come.. We don't know who is willing to spend the remaining years with us.We don't know how long will they(friends) stick to us.We don't know if our success will be achieved or not.


            Life is a question that answers itself ....

        Without fantasy and dreams,It is impossible to achieve the best of this life.Wishful thinking helps us to broke all the possibilities.I got lots of dreams , and it makes me more climbing,reaching those stars that i dreamed all this time.All dreams can come true .. if we have the courage to pursue them.The best reason of having dreams is that in dreams,no reasons are necessary.To accomplish great things,we must not only act,but also dream;not only plan,but also believe.If i can dream it,I can do it.InsyaAllah.And the wish is,may god bless my way.


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