Friday, 26 August 2011

A Present From Sister-Suzie Wong

   Okay years ago .. she was so mean towards me.She's fierce like my dad.Perhaps .. she treated me like that because I was just a kid.Yeah I was so mischievous,rebellious heart when I was a around 13 to 15.Both of us keep nagging on each other almost everyday.Ouh I still remember .. she did kicked me and slapped my head because someone told her that I was hangin' out with a guy and It was actually my girl friend(tomboy/pengkid) friend.LOL !!!

  Though she didn't treat  me nicely..she still cares about my PMR.She used to teach me everything about mathematics since I am super weak on that subject.And thank god I'm passed on that subject.Well that was the last time I lived in a same house with her.She moved to KL with his husband after getting married.Only my mom,second sister and I left on Sabah.Time flies very fast..two years without her around me was very challenging enough to make myself more mature than before.Well yeah you know my fears was only with her.No one can beat my stubborn head unless her.Pfftt!

  I'm pretty sure that she could see even a little maturity on me , upon reaching the age of seventeen. She was much criticized on me about the way I talked on Facebook.Well you know ... youngsters can easily get influenced by peers.Teenagers makes the language of harsh words as their delivery language.I was one of them.I always post something like " Hell yeah bitch ! no one cares about you , fuck off you little bastard ! " Euwww this is so embarrasing,makes me blushing if I recall everything about my own stupidity.Bhahahaha !

  I admit that there's lotsa advantage to hear her anger words about my shameful behaviors.She was about to change me to be a nice girl BUT the way she handle it was a bit harsh for a young girl,a girl in the midst of searching for a permanent nice identity.The more I grow,the more I change.She can understands me well now.I started to get compability with her since I've changed a bit.

 Since I managed to get an offer study from UiTM,she gave me a special present.It's a branded 'GUESS' hand watch.She bought it for a price of Rm600.I'm so happy.Appreciate it so much.My endeavor worth it.Not in vain to study smart.Most of my times.I've spend it more on reading and writing important notes.Rest of it was watching my favorite shows,sleeping and eating.haha.This is it ...

                                                              my new hand watch :)

                                                   And this my fierce+funny sister......
                                So .. all of hard works will get something valuable to worth it :)


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