Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Mom,Queen of my heart

You’re the person in my life, in my heart
who i will never forget
you gave me everything and filled my every part
I have nothing to regret
You were beside me at my side
when i was weak and tired
when i was sick
while i was filled with pride
You always supported me
in my troubles in my pain
your a ‘role’ for me to see
your my relief in my strain
I am sorry for everything
for everything i have cause
I love you, your the song i sing
forgive me i know things get worse
Mommy,I'm so sorry sometimes i neglect your call,
sometimes my voice to high towards you,
I've made you cry in your heart silently
But mom , as if you are not around me,
I still can see your shadows walking around me,
It tells me that you are always with me.
And mom , sometimes I pray to our GOD not to
take you from my life , If He take yours,then take mine too :'(


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